Thai DSI Raids Offices of Alleged Nominee Land Holding Companies

Authorities in Thailand appear keen to crack down on the use of corporations acting as land holding companies.

Thailand Trademark Certificates

Those with a registered trademark in Thailand will be issued a certificate certifying the the categorization and classification of the mark.

Lease Registration Fee for Property in the Kingdom of Thailand

There are registration costs associated with formalizing a leasehold in the Kingdom of Thailand.

What if my Bank Book is Lost or Stolen in Thailand?

Losing a bank book in Thailand can be a frustrating issue to resolve.

Comparing Thai Property Title Deeds & Yellow House Books

Property Title (Chanote for example) and a yellow House Book (Tabien Baan) are two different instruments with differing rights and privileges.

Integrity Legal Offices Moving in 2020

Our offices have moved as of January 1, 2020.

Selling, Assignment, or Sublease of a Lease in Thailand

Information on transactions involving leasehold property in Thailand.

Thai Real Estate Title: Chanote and Freehold Ownership

Information on title deeds to real estate in Thailand.

Thai Real Estate Title: Nor Sor 3 Gor

Information on different forms of property title in Thailand.

Thailand Real Estate Title: Possessory Rights

Information on rights in Thai property law akin to "adverse possession".