Is There a Meeting Requirement for K-3, CR-1, or IR-1 Visas?

Some information regarding US Spousal Visas and whether or not the requirement that the parties need to have met prior to visa issuance is an issue.

Thai Police Clearance for Third Country Nationals

Some information regarding obtaining a police clearance in Thailand for a third country national.

Appointment Issues for K-1 Visa Interviews in Thailand

A quick update on interviews for Fiancé Visas at the US Embassy in Bangkok which are still being effected by the COVID measures resulting in delayed appointments.

Appointment Issues for K-3 Visa Interviews in Thailand

A quick explanation with regards to the reason behind the delays at the US Embassy in Bangkok for visa interviews.

Appointment Issues for CR-1 and IR-1 Visa Interviews in Thailand

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The Clock Is Ticking for K-1 Visas

Some information with regards to the K-1 Visa Process especially with regards to timing issues related to meeting in person within the set period of time..

I-327 Re Entry Permits to the United States

A quick explanation regarding the re-entry permit which is needed if a Green Card Holder plans on being outside the US for a certain period of time in order to re-enter the US again.

Returning to the USA Using My Green Card, Re-Entry Permit, or SB-1 Visa

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K-1 Visa Thailand: Issues after Arrival in the USA

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K-3 Visas from Thailand: In But Not Done

A discussion on the K-3 visa regarding the steps that still need to be taken after arrival in the US in order to obtain one's Green Card.