K-3, CR-1, and IR-1 Visa Processing Issues as 2021 Ends

A quick summary of some issues that could be expected with regards to the process for US Marriage Visas (K-3, CR-1 and IR-1) here in Thailand.

What Vaccines are Required for K-1 Visas from Thailand?

A discussion with regards to Vaccinations for COVID in the context of K-1 Visas from Thailand.

What Vaccines Are Required for K-3, CR-1, IR-1 Visas from Thailand?

Some information regarding vaccines for COVID in the context of US Marriage Visas from Thailand.

Documentation for Green Card Holders Status Extension

Some information for Green Card holders with regards to extending the validity for receipt notices for Lift of Conditions from 18 to 24 months.

The Role of Medical Exams in the K-1 Visa Process

Some information with regarding the medical examination process which is a requirement for all K-1 Visa petitioners.

The Role of Medical Exams in the K-3, CR-1, IR-1 Visa Process

Some information regarding medical exams in the US Visa Process specifically for the Marriage Visa Categories.

K-1 Visas from Thailand: Thai Language Proficiency and US Lawyers

A discussion and some insight with regards to scammers and various ruses they come up with in order to find clients who wish to obtain US Visas.

K-3, CR-1, & IR-1 Visas: Thai Language Proficiency and US Lawyers

Some information and insight regarding fake lawyers or consultants and the arguments that they may come up with to entice clients to use their services.

K-1 Visas from Thailand: Marriage Registration vs Wedding Ceremony

Some clarification with regards to Marriages in Thailand specifically the difference between a wedding ceremony and having the marriage officially registered and how each affects a K-1 Visa application.

K-1 Visas: What If We Don't Get Married?

A discussion on US Immigration specifically on K-1 Fiancé visas and the question that often arises as to what happens if the couple does not get married.