Thai Company Setup Process in 2022

A quick end of year talk on what to expect in 2022 with regards to the incorporation process in Thailand.

Timing of Thai Business Visa and Work Permit Renewal

A quick talk on what to be aware of when renewing one's Business Visa and Work Permit especially with regards to the document preparation and timing.

Thai Amity Treaty Company Setup in 2022

A quick talk on what could be expected with regards to setting up a Thai Amity Treaty Company in 2022.

Thai BOI Company Setup in 2022

A quick talk on what to expect regarding the incorporation and registration process for BOI companies in 2022.

Thai Work Permits: Job Description Issues

A quick talk on Work Permits in Thailand and what one needs to be aware of with regards to the job description that is used in that Work Permit.

Obtaining an Amity Treaty Certificate for a Thai Company

A quick talk on the necessity and importance of the Certificate issued for an Amity Treaty Company inasmuch as many benefits are conferred once it has been issued.

Is Thailand Becoming a Financial Hub?

Some insight on a recent article that seems to indicate that Thailand could become a major financial centre in South East Asia.

Thai Company Incorporation and Top Level Domain Names

A quick talk on Domain Names in the context of International Corporations who may wish to register a Top Level Domain name which is denoted for Thailand.

Self Employment and Small Business Ownership in Thailand

Some insight into the concept of self-employment in Thailand which is not permitted and owning a small business in Thailand which is a different concept and permitted.

History of the US-Thai Treaty of Amity

Some background information with regards to the origin of the US-Thai Treaty of Amity which grants benefits to Americans which are not readily available to other nationalities.